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  • Accomodation : Lodging facilities offer by Shivthar Ghal Shree Sunder math Samiti
  • Food Facility : One should carry the raw materials, and can people there prepare the food.
  • Drinking Water : Water is available in all seasons.

Shivtharghal is a cavern inside a cliff, in which saint Ramadas resided for 12 years, and created the famous work “Das-bodh”. Shivthar Ghal falls in Raigad District. It is about 1000 metres above the sea level.

The cave is in a dense forest area previously known as Javali and in the monsoon, is covered by a huge waterfall that runs down the same cliff.
There is a hall where Ramdas Swami sat and wrote the famous Manuscript Dasbodh.
Ramdas Swami dictated Dasbodh to Kalyan Swami and he wrote it down,
Shivthar Ghal is 20 mts long and 15 mts broad.

The place, now well maintained by SundarMath Seva Samiti and Shri Samarth Seva Mandal, has very good facilities provided by them to all those who visit Shivthar Ghal.

History :
The Mores ruled over the region of Javali where Shivthar Ghal is situated. This place is strategically important and very difficult to conquer. Chandrarao was the title conferred upon them by Adilshah. Shivaji Maharaj defeated them and brought this region under his control in 1648. Ramdas Swami came to reside here in 1649, and stayed till 1660. Before proceeding on “Dakshin Digvijay”, his great campaign in the southern India in 1676, Shivaji Maharaj took Ramdas Swami’s blessings here. For many years this place was undiscovered. However in 1930, 300 years after Shivaji Maharaj was born, Shankar Krishna Dev, an eminent follower of Ramdas Swami, discovered this great pilgrimage.

Sightseeing :
  • The cavern or the ‘ghal’ which requires surpassing of 100 odd steps is a must visit. Do spend some time in the divine atmosphere (meditating would be ideal) to perhaps feel the sanctity of the place.
  • A waterfall outside the cavern is a treat to eyes. Its best visited during monsoon. A river near the cavern can be a good are to play in groups.
Ways to reach :
Distances from major cities:
Mumbai- 200KM

The state transport buses are quite frequently available to Mahad from Mumbai, Pune and Kalyan. Further on, vehicles ought to lead till the foothills of Shivthar Ghal. The route isn’t up to very good standards, however once the place is reached the endurance seems worth it.



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Excellent information and photos.. only correction needed to be done in the year of starting of Shivaji Maharaj for Dakshin Digvijay which is 1676 and not 1776. Rest all is fine..

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hi buddy, can u tell me what type of transport facilities are available there to reach shivtharghal from mahad? and are they frequent? and how much wud it cost approximately?

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hi what are the acomodation charges at sundar math samiti

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